Simon Productions Marketing

What is marketing? Why do I need it? And how can I make it work for me?

At Simon Productions, we go out of our way to give you the answers. We've seen many changes in this industry since we first began. Thanks to this, we've had a bird's-eye view as the modern marketing mix has developed to include new tools supplementing traditional forms of advertising. To be competitive in today's markets-many of the best marketing efforts employ a healthy mix of direct marketing, public relations, and interactive media, in addition to advertising.

A creative services shop with a vast array of marketing capabilities

To take advantage of today's great marketing tools, you'll need more than just a great product or service. You'll need someone who can not only create bold corporate identity, but who can also develop your product, test market your product, and rollout your product. That someone is us.

With team members including former agency execs, we've had plenty of opportunities to hone our craft. Our marketing industry expertise, combined with hands on technology and design specialties, translates into integrated, top-of-the-line consulting and execution for a wide range of marketing communications:

  • Public Relations
  • Media Services
  • Product Launches
  • Event Promotions
  • Startup Services
  • Sales Conferences
  • Interactive Marketing
  • Business to Business
  • Database Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Direct Mail Execution
  • ...And more

All marketing projects at Simon Productions center on the Keep it Simple process. When you work with us, you can expect us to identify market opportunities and core needs required to achieve your sales and branding goals. We'll quantify possibilities to determine the best route for maximizing reach and return on your investment. And to zero in on your target audiences, we'll create compelling and impactful messages. The result? We'll simplify by providing you with cost-effective, money saving solutions that are a breeze to implement.

From individual initiatives to a full marketing calendar, we keep it simple and on target. Thanks to this, clients come back to us, time and time again.

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